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Capturing the real, the messy, the awkward, and the emotional of everyday life. I can't promise perfect smiles in all of your photos but I can promise that I will beautifully freeze a moment of your life for you to remember for the rest of your life. Wind swept hair on your wedding day, tiny toddler hands holding yours, all the way to the last days left with your graduating senior. 

Captivating photos for the Tri-cities of Richmond

Image by Ozark Drones

Nice to meet you

Not your typical   photographer here.

I want to give you a product that I would be happy to have myself. An affordable price, quality images and plenty of content to work with. I like to keep things simple so that you can keep the stress low and enjoy the process from start to finish. You can expect a little bit of posing, a little bit of prompting and hopefully a good time when we work together. 



Let's chat

Haven't updated your family portraits in years? Graduating senior? Freshly engaged and planning for your walk down the aisle? Send me a message and let's talk it through! 

Say yes!

We talk, you like what I have to say and we decide to DTR and put it in a contract. I send it, we both sign it and your date is locked in exclusively for you. 

Plan it out

As your date approaches we'll iron out any special details. Outfits, locations, timeline of events and anything special you'd like reflected in your photos. I'll have all I need to envision what your photos could be.

Show time

I show up with a spare battery and memory card and we get to work. I like to crack jokes, and feel comfortable while I shoot. No nervous smiles here. Let's capture who you are and give you memories to savor for years.

"I wish you could see how big I am smiling right now with tears in my eyes! "

Heather A.


Feel like we would be a good match? Reach out to start the process!

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